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Pul who?

Pulpo is simply created by a girl who used to break and lose her phone, a lot. Festivals, ski lifts, clubs, subways, falling off a horse, chasing after a taxi in a zombie scarecrow costume, you name it. She even had to testify in court once to get her stolen phone back.

Until the summer of 2012, in preparation for her trip to legendary Ibeefa, she handmade a device that allowed her to attach her phone onto her purse. Ta-da! She never lost a phone again. And friends around started telling her to turn it into a product that could be sold and shared, as it could end the misery of others just like her.

Fast forward to 2019, after numerous designs and prototype throughout the years, the pulpo leash was born!

Pulpo is created to share and spread that good feeling of not having to worry about your phone while you are out enjoying the beautiful thrills of the world. By a wanderer, for a wanderer. By a clumsy, for a clumsy. From one festival goer to another. 

Jorge, Safety Ambassador